The Greatest Air Air purifier to your well being

The Greatest Air Air purifier to your well being

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The Greatest Air Air purifier to your well being…

Lately, I’ve been on a quest for all issues to assist us thrive in center age and past.  My mantra is that we aren’t too previous and it isn’t too late so I BETTER stroll the stroll!

I’ve been taking a look at every part… What we eat, what we do, what we expect, what we drink, however I had left one thing out that’s tremendous essential. You see, we’d like three issues to outlive… FOOD, WATER and OXYGEN. We “survive” with even lower than nice high quality of these items however we THRIVE after we enhance the standard.

In case you have been following me for any period of time you already know I preach guzzling good high quality water and staying hydrated. You additionally know that I speak concerning the significance of top quality unprocessed meals loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients.

I share extra about this in my 7 Day Leap Begin and Ageing in Reverse Group . One factor I had not thought-about or shared till just lately was concerning the high quality of our AIR and the oxygen we breathe. Once I discovered that poor high quality air is in lots of our HOMES and that it might be getting old us and making us sick I dug extra…

That introduced me to the query… what’s within the air we breathe?

If we are able to management or alter the air we breathe, might we thrive MORE?

Once I began to dig in I discovered that indoor areas could be as much as 100 occasions extra polluted than out of doors areas because of dangerous particles, contaminants and micro organism which might be invading it at rising ranges.

On high of aggravating allergic reactions and disturbing sleep patterns, indoor air air pollution has been linked to lung most cancers, bronchial asthma, heart problems and Alzheimer’s illness.

The Environmental Safety Company recommends eliminating the supply of the air pollution when doable and working a high-quality transportable air cleaner that may entice every part else, making your indoor house a considerably more healthy place to be.

And, then the stats…I noticed these stats concerning the air we breathe

The Environmental Safety company charges air air pollution because the primary environmental threat dealing with people! WHAT?! I’ve been so centered on hydrating, consuming clear pure unprocessed meals and motion however I used to be not even contemplating the AIR that we BREATHE!

Holy moly… What we’re inhaling our personal houses could be getting old us quickly and making us sick.

So, I dug deeper.  And discovered some even scarier stats about air high quality… Earlier than I preserve occurring the issue (which there’s a lot for me to share right here) if you’re desirous to know what the SOLUTION I’m utilizing you may bounce forward to this hyperlink HERE.

How air high quality can have an effect on how we LOOK 

Eczema: There’s a clear correlation between spikes in air air pollution and will increase within the variety of folks affected by pores and skin issues equivalent to zits, hives and eczema. Korean scientific examine discovered a direct correlation between elevated concentrations of PM, nitric oxides and unstable natural compounds and signs of eczema. Click on HERE

Irritation: air air pollution is a big contributor to inflammatory pores and skin ailments and causes pores and skin getting old, zits, eczema, and psoriasis. Click on HERE 

Brown Spots! “Visitors-related air air pollution has additionally been proven to trigger the formation of lentigenes — darkish spots on the pores and skin.” Click on HERE

Our SKIN Particulate Matter impacts the pores and skin by means of oxidative stress and irritation  and even ultrafine particles, smaller than Pm 2.5, can really penetrate the pores and skin

How Air High quality can have an effect on our Sleep

Individuals who dwell in areas with excessive ranges of air air pollution are 60% extra more likely to sleep poorly than those that dwell in areas with cleaner air. Click on HERE

Sleep-disordered respiration (SDB): Recurrent disruption of regular respiration throughout sleep impacts 17% of US adults. Discount in air air pollution might lower the severity of SDB and nocturnal hypoxemia HERE

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Signs of obstructive sleep apnea embrace: loud loud night breathing, gasping/choking sounds, respiration pauses whilst you sleep, sudden/jerky physique motion, stressed tossing, frequent awakenings. These signs can result in a really stressed night time and depart you feeling sluggish and drained the following day. Air air pollution has been linked to sleep issues, together with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, as air air pollution causes higher airway irritation, swelling, and congestion. Click on HERE

How Air High quality can have an effect on our Vitality, Focus and our Temper…

Swedish examine discovered larger ranges of air air pollution could also be linked to larger charges of psychological well being issues. Child’s Psychological Well being Dangers Rise with Poor Air High quality: HERE

Poor indoor air high quality (IAQ) has been tied to signs like complications, fatigue, bother concentrating, and irritation of the eyes, nostril, throat and lungs which in flip has a detrimental influence on daytime efficiency and productiveness.

How air high quality impacts the large killers and main Well being Dangers

Most cancers: PM (particulate matter) and PAHs (polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons) are linked to the event of pores and skin most cancers. PAHs harm DNA within the epithelial layer of the pores and skin and break down cell formation. Click on HERE

Dying: 24% of deaths attributable to stroke are attributable to air air pollution.  25% of deaths attributable to coronary heart illness are attributable to air air pollution. 1.eight million deaths attributable to lung illness and most cancers are attributable to air air pollution and People who find themselves uncovered to mildew are 30-50% extra susceptible to growing bronchial asthma, coughing, bronchitis, and different respiratory infections

OMG… this was overwhelming! I imply right here I’m so centered on what we’re consuming, consuming and the way we’re shifting and I completely was not even fascinated about the AIR QUALITY we’re respiration.

I wanted to know… What can we do to fight this? So I began digging… after which I met Vinny Lobdell from Intellipure

Assembly Vinny Lobdell

He educated me and hooked me up on a system that might change every part for me and my household. That is one thing that might massively profit you too! Here’s what I discovered…

defend you and your loved ones in your personal house:

1. Remove the supply

The only pollution to remove come from widespread family merchandise like dry-cleaned clothes, glue, disinfectants, printers, and cosmetics. These merchandise include dangerous chemical substances known as VOCs (Unstable Natural Compounds), which might trigger signs equivalent to fatigue, dizziness, allergic response and complications, in addition to harm to the liver and central nervous system.

Selecting zero-VOC merchandise will assist cut back your publicity.

2. Ventilate your house

Opening up your home windows reduces VOC ranges in your house – permitting recent air to circulation in and contaminated air to circulation out. The downsides are a loss in heating/cooling effectivity and the introduction of dangerous airborne particles (e.g. mud, dander, mildew spores, micro organism and viruses). These particles can enter our lungs and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

So, air flow alone received’t do the trick!

three. Purify your air.. FILTER IT!

We filter our WATER so why are we not filtering our AIR? Airborne particles vary in dimension from the most important (1000 microns) all the best way right down to the microscopic particles (zero.01 microns). Particles smaller than 50 microns, equivalent to superb pollen, mildew spores, germs, mud mites, pet dander and viruses we can’t see.

Absorbing these particles into our bloodstream can result in persistent lung ailments and coronary heart issues. That is the place a strong air cleaner could make all of the distinction, capturing all particles right down to zero.zero07 microns – 40 occasions extra environment friendly than HEPA rules.

I partnered with Intellipure. I’m so satisfied that their product belongs in my house and I labored out a particular deal for you.

You’re going to get an unique low cost once you use the code NatalieJill at checkout right here 

Right here is why I now use, LOVE and endorse the Intellipure system

It’s 40 occasions simpler than HEPA filters as a result of it might probably entice particles as small as .zero07 microns (HEPA filters solely filter right down to .three microns). This implies it’s simpler at trapping harmful microscopic particles and VOCs.
They’ve 4 distinction sizes so you may choose what’s finest to your space and residential! I’ve the Ultrafine and preserve it in my bed room!
Their patented DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) is tremendous highly effective, eradicating 99.99% of dangerous viruses, fungi, molds, and micro organism from the air.
Not like HEPA filters, it doesn’t entice viruses and micro organism that may multiply and trigger secondary air pollution. The Intellipure know-how kills them in order that they don’t accumulate.
I now not want to make use of my white noise machine (rating!) It’s tremendous quiet and appears like mild white noise whereas I sleep.
It’s simple to keep up and really simple to maneuver it. It’s SUPER EASY to interchange the filters.
You received’t rack up an enormous electrical energy invoice!It’s very energy-efficient, utilizing solely about 1 watt per hour when in low or sleep mode (which is how I often use it).
They’ve tremendous reasonably priced choices and even a 6 month interest-free financing accessible by means of PayPal.

You’re going to get an unique low cost once you use the code NatalieJill at checkout right here 

If you already know anybody else who would profit from this put up please share and let’s assist everybody thrive in a a lot much less poisonous house.


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